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About Us

Welcome to CardGames101, your ultimate destination for learning, mastering, and enjoying classic card games! Based in the Netherlands, we are passionate about blending education, entertainment, and family bonding into one convenient package.

Our Mission

At CardGames101, we believe in the timeless joy of card games. Our mission is to teach people of all ages how to play and enjoy card games, fostering moments of connection and fun among families and friends.

What We Offer

Comprehensive Card Game Box Set: Our flagship product includes a beautifully designed 96-page book detailing 30 popular card games, from Toepen and Donkey to Hearts and Spades. Accompanied by two decks of premium custom-designed playing cards, this set is perfect for travelers and game enthusiasts alike.

Educational and Fun: Our book and help cards are designed to make learning new games simple and enjoyable. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, our materials will guide you through the rules and strategies of each game.

Portable and Practical: The entire set comes in a handy carry case, making it easy to take your card games anywhere, from family gatherings to travel adventures.

Giving Back: For every box set sold, we donate 5 hours of math tuition to children, supporting education and helping to build brighter futures.

Our Journey

Inspired by a love for card games and a desire to share this joy with others, we launched our project on Kickstarter, receiving incredible support with over 421 backers pledging €13,149. This success fueled our passion and commitment to bringing high-quality card game sets to the market.

Learn to Play

Explore our Learn to Play section, where you can find detailed guides on various card games, like Shithead and many others. Each guide provides clear instructions, tips, and strategies to help you master the game and have fun with friends and family.

Global Reach

While our roots are in the Netherlands, we have expanded our reach with a distribution center in Texas, USA. This allows us to efficiently serve our customers both locally and internationally, ensuring timely delivery and exceptional service.

Join Us

Explore our collection, learn new games, and create unforgettable memories with CardGames101. Whether you’re a family looking for new ways to bond, a traveler seeking portable entertainment, or a card game enthusiast eager to expand your repertoire, we have something for you.

Thank you for visiting CardGames101. Let’s play, learn, and enjoy together!

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